In the name of all the team at Auxiliares de Metalgráficas s.l. (AUXIMETAL) we wish you a warm welcome to our web site.

Our company was founded over 60 years ago and specializes in fabricating tin products.

Currently AUXIMETAL, considered one of the most established and recognized firms, has a network of distribution and representation that lets it takes their products to all of Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

The production capacity enables our customers to have our items in record time, without sacrificing product quality and service offered by our firm. Factors, together with a competitive price, have determined that Auximetal this segment present in gifts and superstores.

Our history

Auxiliares de Metalgraficas s.l. was founded in 1940 just outside the City of Murcia (S.E. Spain) by Miguel Gracia López and Dolores Suárez Patricio.

Initially the company made metal components for toys such as wheels for toy cars and stirrups for toy horses.

Over the years the development of machinery has allowed tin to have a greater range of colours and forms. Auximetal increased its product range to meet with the new developments in machinery and markets.

With the increase of production and the need for more space Auximetal moved to its present, larger and more modern premises in San Gines near the city of Murcia

At present we have three lines of products: gifts, food containers and made to a measure, supply to companies from Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Founders of AuximetalThe founders of Auximetal
  • First products of AuximetalFirst products of Auximetal
  • Frami Toy Stand (now Auximetal)Frami Toy Stand (now Auximetal) in Feria del Juguete in Valencia,1970.
  • The King and Queen of Spain observing money boxes made by AuximetalInauguration of Juvenalía, Casa de Campo, Madrid (The King and Queen of Spain observing money boxes made by Auximetal)

Environment & Safety

A commitment to safety and the environment.

We employ a specialist who is in charge of risk prevention throughout our factory. We also comply and meet with strict safety controls laid down by the regulation (EN71-1994/03).


All our off cuts and spoiled goods are recycled. All waste is stored in a special container, from where it is collected by a specialized firm to be recycled and reused.

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